Starting September 1, 2018- NAPT Memberships Paid Only Online

To our membership:

This is to inform you that your NAPT memberships must be paid online starting September 1, 2018. Our tour will no longer handle these payments in person. It is highly recommended that you stay up to date on your NAPT point status and rankings. This membership MUST be paid in order for you to be considered for NAPT invitations to the Division II Regional Tour Championships.

You can pay your NAPT membership here:

For more info about the NAPT, in general, visit their website at

Thank you!

New Season, New Rules, New Website!

Hi all, I know the tour is undergoing some changes, but we assure you these are going to help our tour in the long run!

Results, Stats and Player Rankings can be found in two places:
- Home page-> Tournament Results to find results from completed tour stops
- Home page-> Tournament Results-> Hyperlink "CURRENT PLAYER RANKINGS/STATS" for your current points total

The board is going to write a full explanation on the new handicapping system for all to review and understand. We realize the first stop was a bit challenging, but in time, everything will smooth out.

In regards to our website, if you have comments or suggestions, please e-mail us at so we can work on content and navigation. It can always be better!

Thanks all and we'll see you at the next stop!