Membership Information:

North American Pool Tour (NAPT) Sanctioned
$30 entry fee per tournament

TWCWT Membership is $15 per stop (one time only) -OR- $40 for the entire season

OPTIONAL $25 NAPT membership
(Paying this membership qualifies you to be in contention for the NAPT year-end ranking and participation in the Regional Tour Championships- scroll down to see details about the RTC's)


Tournament Format:

Nine Ball
Handicapping system (eff. 2016) will determine match races (Range from 5-8 games)
TRUE DOUBLE Elimination Final Match

Matches are allotted MAX times of 90 minutes. Half way into the match, if sum of games completed is not at 50% (i.e. race to 5 will need to have at least 5 games played 45 minutes into the match and race to 7 will need at least 7 games played 60 minutes into match), a shot clock will be enforced.

Here is an outline of the shot clock rules:
1. Each player will have 30 seconds to shoot and will receive a 10 second warning each time when needed.

2. If player has not released shot by the time clock expires, it will be ball in hand for their opponent.

3. Each player will receive 1 extension per game in which they will announce it to their time keeper before their original 30 seconds is expired. This extends their shot to a total of 45 seconds (30 seconds plus 15 extra seconds); should the match go hill-hill, each player gets 2 extensions during the final game.

Points, Rankings, and Dress Code Information:
Points are given to each player for attending (whether they win or lose matches) each event and additional points are awarded based on their finish in each event. In order to qualify for end of season point money, players must participate in at least 5 of the 9 tour stops (beginning the 2017-18 season, the Kick-Off is NOW included in that count).

NAPT Regional Tour Championships:
Players must play in at least 5 tour stops by December 31, 2017 to qualify for the Regional Tour Championships.

Dress code will be enforced:
T-shirts with large logos/brand names are OK if pool-related
Jeans OK in "like-new" condition with no acid washed fades, tears, rips or holes
No slippers/flip-flops, dressy sandals are OK
No spaghetti straps or tube tops
Tennis shoes are also OK in "like-new" condition